A Coronation Experience on behalf of Our Communities

Dr Charles Shaw FRSA

What a great weekend the Coronation was and as I sat watching on the Saturday I was wondering about not being able to be at Village Parties and what the next day would bring – if the trains would be running ok and whether the food would be all right.  Why? Because I was attending the Prime Minister’s Coronation Party at 10 Downing Street along with two young people from Washingborough – Scarlet Carsen and Jamie Harden.

Well, I didn’t need to worry – the trains were perfect and the walk from Kings Cross to Westminster with four young people from our county and my colleague Fran was just great stopping off for a cuppa and cake near the British Museum we timed it just right for the start of the party.  Security was as you would expect as when you travel at airports – and just my luck the machines went ‘ping’ – after investigating my belt and my badges and my phone they were not the problem. It was the metal tin in my pocket of ‘Smint’ mints that did it. Well I wanted my breath to be fresh didn’t I?!

So, Rishi Sunak had invited us specially because of work with Children and Young People and particularly Boys and Girls Clubs. In his early life he had supported young peoples’ clubs and has quite a good knowledge of sports, in particular boxing clubs. Discussing with us where we lived, about being from Lincolnshire and he took time delve deep so many parts of Lincolnshire get mentioned. Having originally drawn him from other group’s by gently tapping on the shoulder and saying “Prime-Minister, I would like to introduce you to young people from Lincolnshire who have achieved so much” I now had to say “we had better leave you to talk to others” but he stayed a while and the young people got their photos and appreciation.

This wasn’t ‘Jill Biden’s’ show – as some media outlets portrayed – this was the Coronation’s Show by the Prime Minister’s team and the No 10 Staff who were excellent – The PM Served up literally and cut the cake for young people and adult guests and his dog meandered carefully amongst all of us being the very best ambassador adding to the family nature of the event.  Faithfulness and consideration stalked the event.  It was a privilege to represent our communities and our young people and will be remembered for a long time. GOD SAVE THE KING!

Charles Shaw is Chair of Lincolnshire Council for Voluntary Youth Services and a National Trustee of Boys and Girls Clubs.