Are you brave enough to join The Halloween Ghost Hunt at Tattershall Castle?

Talk of ghosts cause fear or fascination, especially at this time of year. But are you brave enough to go from armchair ghost hunter to a real-life investigator in a castle at Halloween?

Join Haunted Heritage as they lead a public paranormal investigation at Lincolnshire’s iconic Tattershall Castle on Saturday 29th October from 8pm till 1am.

The castle has many ghostly stories to its name, but who are these spirits who wander the grounds, stairs and rooms of this 15th century property? That is what the Haunted Heritage team aim to discover.

Haunted Heritage is an award-winning midlands based paranormal events company which specialises in heritage sites and are delighted to be working with the National Trust at this impressive and spooky venue, especially at Halloween.

The event will include a welcome talk and introduction, then three investigation sessions and hot drinks throughout the night.  Each investigation session will have guests working in smaller groups carrying out experiments, vigils as well as using investigation detection equipment.  Each group will be led by an experienced paranormal investigator.

“We make nothing up” says Gill Hibbert Co Director of Haunted Heritage, “you will have an authentic investigation experience. We have never investigated the castle before, so we are coming in raw.  There will be staff from the National Trust property on hand throughout the night to assist the team with responsive research which might arise investigation sessions, it’s going to be exciting!”

This is an old property and there will be no heating. It’s going to be cold, so wrap up warm and we mean thick socks, hats, scarves and gloves.

This is a stunning property but when dusk falls and night creeps in, it takes on a whole new atmosphere… perfect for ghost hunting. Full details about the event can be found on the Haunted Heritage website

Credit: Tattershall Caslte – National Trust