Baroness Merron of Lincoln Had Key Multi-Faith Role at Coronation

A Visiting Professor at the University of Lincoln played a key part in the King’s Coronation last month by presenting King Charles III with the Robe Royal in which he was crowned. 

Baroness Merron of Lincoln participated in the Coronation Service at Westminster Abbey on Saturday 6 May, as a Peer representing the Jewish faith.

She was joined by Muslim, Hindu, and Sikh Peers in presenting the King with four key pieces of regalia during the ceremony. They made history as the first ever non-Christian figures to be involved in the crowning of a British monarch.

Baroness Merron is a Visiting Professor at the Lincoln Parliamentary Research Centre, which forms part of the College of Social Science at the University.

Speaking about the role she had at the Coronation, she said: “This is an honour beyond anything I could ever have imagined.

 “I feel humbled to have made history in a Coronation ceremony that validated Britain as a ‘community of communities’.

“In his Coronation, HRH King Charles III demonstrated his commitment to protect the space for faith and its practise through religions, cultures, traditions, and beliefs.

“Through my part in this, I hope I did everybody proud.”

Invitations to the Coronation of King Charles III had been sent to approximately 2,000 people including members of the royal family, politicians, royals from overseas and 850 representatives from communities across the UK.