Can You Help Welton’s Community Speed Watch?

Welton Parish Council are searching for volunteers to get involved in their Community Speed Watch initiative to help keep the village a safe place to live.

The Community Speed Watch are a group of volunteers from the village who have undergone training to be present at one of five sites around the village (which are the more prominent roads) to record the speed of vehicles. If a car is caught travelling above the speed limit, then a letter will be sent to their address warning them they have been caught breaking the law. The team are occasionally joined by the local village Police Officer, meaning on those occasions the cars caught speeding will receive a ticket.

The initiative has been ongoing for a number of years, with Hazel Bell, Welton Parish Council Admin Assistant, overseeing the group since the start of this year with the aim of tackling speeding in the local community.  “To be able to run a community speed watch group in our village is a fantastic opportunity to help keep our community safe. We have a small, dedicated group of volunteers who give up their time each month in order to run this scheme and we are always open to new members joining.”

You can get involved no matter your availability – as little as an hour a month will help a great deal. The council distribute a list of shifts and ask volunteers to sign up to any they can do, so if you aren’t free for those shifts listed, there is no obligation to do any.

This is a great way of giving back to the community, and as the village expands and the roads get busier, keeping the village a safe place for all continues to be a priority.

If you would like to get involved, call Welton Parish Council on 01673 860336 or email