Celebrating 25 Years Of Dunholme Camera Club

Dunholme Camera Club are a group of photographers with a relaxed, friendly approach specialising in modern photography and meet fortnightly at The Old School in Dunholme.

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The club was founded by the now lifetime President, Grahame Dunkin. The origins of the club go back to 1994 when Grahame’s brother Stuart was tragically killed whilst doing what he loved most – taking photographs. Stuart was the owner of ‘Stuart Dunkin Photography’ based in Bedlington, Northumberland.

After Stuart’s death, Grahame and his wife took over the photography business for 12 months but realised that controlling a business from over 170 miles away was difficult, so with heavy hearts decided to close the business and focus on building a small photographic business of their own in Lincoln.

During the next 12 months, Grahame read all the books he could about photography as well as what was required to run a small photography business. In 1996 Grahame was talking with his wife, Dianne, about the amount of knowledge he had accumulated during the last 2 years and decided that he should share that knowledge with members of the community. “I learnt quite a lot during that time, so I wanted to share this with other people, and I thought how can I do that? And the first thing that came to mind was why not start up a little camera club?” Grahame recalls.

Grahame held a meeting at The Old School, the same venue the club is at to this day, and advertised it in the local parish magazine. Around 20 people attended, and by the end of the evening, 10 of those signed up to start The Dunholme Camera Club.

The club continued to progress, and now, over 25 years since its beginning, it has over 40 members which continue to attend the club which provides friendship, company, and a solid link that all members have in common – their love of photography.

“The ethos of the club is that we are a friendly group who want to share ideas and thoughts about photography.” explains Grahame, “Our club is for anyone, whatever level they are within the photographic journey or whatever level of camera they have got, it doesn’t matter. We want people to enjoy their hobby and get the most out of it. If you are interested in photography and you just want to get a bit better, come along!”

Over the last 25 years the club has had to evolve alongside the developments in photographic technology, meaning there is always something new to learn as advancements in photography continue to develop each year. For example, back in 1996 the club were taking photographs on film cameras, “Every roll of film and every shot would cost you money” Grahame remembers, “now you can click away and delete pictures, so the digital side of photography is one of the biggest leaps in learning we have had during the last 25 years.”

“I’ll be very honest that the learning curve in photography never ends.” Grahame adds, “I started my photography journey in 1985, and I still learn things every day. I live, breathe and interact with photography near enough every day in one way or another and I am still learning.”

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The club holds a variety of competitions throughout the year, including monthly competitions and Photographer Of The Year. Members are not obliged to take part, and some choose to simply admire the entries and use them as inspiration for their own journey. They even run a Straight Out Of Camera competition which, as the title suggests, means the photo submitted has to be a picture straight out of the camera – no editing or fiddling! This enables those who haven’t yet got the ability or knowledge to use fancy lenses or editing software, or simply can’t afford them, to enter a competition.

This inclusive, supportive and friendly group meet once a fortnight, and clubs like these are vital for the wellbeing and spirit of the community. “Some of our members have commented that meeting at the club is not just about learning something on the evening” Grahame explains, “it’s having a chance to talk about their hobby and meet other people when otherwise they’d be sat at home on their own.”

If you would like to get involved, visit www.dunholmecameraclub.co.uk or email dunholmecc@btinternet.com and you can check out Grahame’s other Facebook page ‘Lincolnshire Night Scape Images Group’