Covert Crocheter Captivates the Community

Sudbrooke is lucky enough to have its very own anonymous crocheter who has been decorating postboxes and bringing smiles to the faces of the community.

Postbox toppers, the knitted or crocheted decorations that sit on top of postboxes, is an unusual creative craze which has boomed in recent years, with the aim of brightening communities. These woollen works are often inspired by an event, season or theme.

The joy that arises with the appearance of a new postbox topper in the village connects the community together at a time where the world can feel very disjointed and heavy. Each day it feels like there is another crisis announced or something else to worry about, yet these small acts of kindness continue to put a smile on people’s faces and is one of the small threads that pulls us all together during difficult times.

As well as brightening people’s moods, this craze has also made crocheting a more appealing hobby – a lot of people associate the craft with crocheting granny squares into a blanket, but these toppers prove that you can crochet anything you put your mind to.

Postbox toppers are a form of yarn bombing; the practice of covering objects or structures in public places with decorative knitted or crocheted art. This movement has gained a lot of popularity and is celebrated for its ability to bring joy and good cheer to residents.

Sudbrooke’s own yarn bomber explained,“I started doing it after seeing posts on a Facebook site and thought it would be a great idea. Something to ‘create’ for. The first one had a great response, so I’ve just carried on making more. It’s nice to know that people appreciate it and that it can bring a smile to people’s faces! I hadn’t made one for a few months, since last Halloween, but felt a coronation couldn’t be missed.” 

They have received plenty of recognition and positive reactions from the community and surrounding villages including praise online, with many pictures of their work being shared and receiving hundreds of likes per post.

Wanting to remain anonymous, they gain satisfaction by sitting on the side-lines and simply watching the happiness their creations bring.

Who knows what creations will appear next, but we know whatever they are, they will continue to spread joy to those who encounter them.

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