“Disability isn’t the end… make it a beginning.”

Peter Cutter is a retired resident of Dunholme who had to give up his career as a painter and decorator around 10 years ago due to physical disabilities. 

He travelled to many parts of the world through his profession, including Spain, Brunei and most extensively in the Middle East. “I was trained in the old way and could do sign writing, marbling and all of that” Peter explains, “but I can’t do it anymore, so photography is an alternative way of being creative.”

Peter suffers from breathing difficulties as well as issues with finger manipulation, so using a camera became a more accessible way of expressing his personal view of the world through a creative outlet.

He has shared his images via social media and joined several groups nationally and internationally as well as recently making a name for himself within the community for sharing his images on the local Dunholme Facebook group, which has earned him the badge of ‘visual storyteller’. “Taking photographs of the local area seems to be of interest to a lot of local people which I’m pleased about!” says Peter. “I enjoy reading the feedback I receive and endeavour to reply to all, good or bad.”

When a disability means you can no longer do what you have previously been able to, it is common to become overwhelmed with the feeling of loss. “So many people think well that’s it, I’m done, I’m giving up” Peter says, “or feel like there’s nothing else you can do, but disability is not the end of life and I mean that seriously. It isn’t the end, and instead of it being an end, make it a beginning.”

Peter explains he takes photos for the self-satisfaction, and that having a hobby is an extremely important element of wellbeing and giving a sense of purpose. Having just turned 69, Peter uses his lens to capture all aspects of Lincolnshire life, which brings back memories of times gone by and how things have changed. “Taking photographs of the agriculture brings back memories of things like potato picking when I was 13 years old and freezing cold!” Peter recalls. “Bringing back those memories means something, not just to me but to other people who look at my pictures too. I had a lady the other day comment on a photo of the fields saying, ‘it reminds me of the smells!’. Life’s too short now, everyone’s in such a hurry, but there’s nothing I enjoy more than taking my younger grandchildren for a walk in the country and taking photographs.”

Having recently been asked to judge a photographic competition in Langworth this month, and having his photographs displayed in a Lincoln café as well as exhibited in the Alford Arts Gallery, Peter is hoping to continue sharing his work with the wider public. “I’d love to be able to exhibit more of my photographs because seeing it on a small screen doesn’t give you the same feeling – seeing a framed picture of something in front of you gives you a totally different impression.”

Several Lincolnshire artists have asked for and been granted permission to Peter’s images as inspiration in their own artwork, and he has recently confirmed a contract with ‘With love from Lincolnshire’, a craft retailer on Burton Road, who will now be displaying and retailing a range of Peter’s local images.

If you would like to get in touch with Peter or see more of his work, you can find him on Facebook by searching Peter Cutter Photography.

Feature Image: Peter (centre) with some of his work surrounding him.