Disabled Welton Pug Gets New Lease of Life Thanks to a Set of Wheels

A small, mischievous yet loveable pug named Stanlee has been stealing the hearts of Welton residents, as well as raising much needed awareness for animals with disabilities.

Stanlee’s owners, Steve and Karen, have had him since he was just nine weeks old. At nine years old, however, it was found he had a cancerous lump on his left hind leg. “We were determined not to lose his leg” Steve explains, “we travelled to Cambridge University Veterinary Oncology and they managed to save his leg, and after a period of radiotherapy we were given the all clear.”

Sadly, in 2023 Stanlee developed pug myelopathy and started to lose the use of his back legs. “In July, his rear legs stopped working. Karen and I knew nothing about paraplegic dogs, and Stanlee was becoming very depressed, so we had to do something.” After doing some research, they learnt about dog wheelchairs. “Stanlee being Stanlee took to the wheels on the very first day! He was off chasing buses, the drivers all know Stanlee, and when people stopped to talk to him, he would politely run over their toes with his little wheels” chuckles Steve.

As a result of Stanlee’s paraplegia, Steve and Karen attended a Halloween dog walk organised by Pumpkin and Friends Charity, whose mission is to raise awareness for disabled animals and show the world how they can still live a happy and fulfilled life, reflected through their motto ‘having a disability isn’t a death sentence, it’s the beginning of a new adventure’.

Pumpkin and Friends Charity was founded in June 2022 by Lincolnshire couple Tammie and Richard, who adopted a paralysed puppy called Pumpkin. Pumpkin doesn’t feel any pain or sensations from her waist down and is living a wonderful life full of adventures and love. Pumpkin is now a Disabled Dog Advocate, raising awareness all over the world. She has raised over £100,000 to help other animals with disabilities, including Welton’s very own Stanlee.

With Tammie and Richard’s guidance, Steve and Karen were able to get Stanlee a brand-new speedy set of wheels which has enriched his life even further. Needing full time care, home and work life had to adjust, “we can’t leave Stanlee alone, so now our holidays mean travelling on the shuttle to Europe, and his next trip is to Switzerland. I retired as an Airline Pilot to have more time at home; however, Stanlee has now opened up a whole new world!” Thanks to his law degree, Steve was able to join the Pumpkin and Friends Charity team as their legal advisor, meaning he can give back to the charity that helped his pug as well as over 700 other dogs, 2 giant rabbits, 1 goat and 1 sheep who have all been put on wheels!

“Stanlee is our little hero. He is here because of our love and dedication and his fighting spirit. Dogs like our little Welton mascot and the beautiful Pumpkin show that the world can still be fun for dogs with disabilities… disability is not a death sentence, spread the word! #PumpkinPower” Steve concludes.

Steve and Karen are happy to share their knowledge and experience of caring for a disabled dog; should anybody local wish to chat or get advice, you can pop into either Hair Sense or Sandwich Sense on the Village Green where help is on hand. To find out more about Pumpkin and Friends Charity, as well as their upcoming ‘Pumpkin’s Disability Dog Walk 2024’ on Sunday 21st April, visit www.pumpkinandfriendscharity.com