Do You Have Any Images of Welton You’d Like Archived?

Stephen Sanford, a Welton resident of 23 years, has decided to create an archive of old images of the village to keep them all safe and in one simple and accessible place for all to view.

He believes a collated, keyworded archive should be formed, available to all, showcasing the many old images of Welton throughout the decades. The goal is to collect images held by the Welton Parish Council, the Welton Library and those held by residents. “The aim is to let anybody interested in the older pictures of Welton in a bygone era see these image records of the past!” says Stephen.

Stephen would like to reach out to local residents and invite them to share their images with him to be put into the archive. Photos can be emailed across to, or dropped in to 15 Sudbeck Lane, Welton where they will be carefully scanned and returned with thanks. All copyright stays with the photographer.

As well as wanting a space to keep the images safe and provide nostalgia, it is also a place future generations will be able to use as tool to learn about the past and how things have changed. Stephen explains, “Welton has expanded hugely over the last ten years as William Warr school has expanded, so it is important to remind ourselves of the old small village of the past – noting what was demolished over the years, what was wrong and what has improved.”

The archive is still in the early stages, but for now those images sent in so far are available to view on alongside details of two booklets formed by the Welton Parish Council publications committee named ‘Welton, I remember’ and ‘Welton Diary of a Century’ which Stephen says are a result of “brilliant research and hard work”.

If any Townlands readers have any images they would like archived, or would like to get in touch with Stephen regarding the archive itself, you can email him at

Headline Image shows Welton from an aerial shot Post-War