Duck Crossing at Honeyholes Lane

Dunholme have been welcoming new arrivals to the village, and not just those living in the new housing estates.

On Honeyholes Lane, next to the Cyden homes development, locals have been welcoming the new resident ducks on the pond. These ducks made themselves very much part of the village and have delighted residents with lots of cute ducklings the season.

Residents soon took them under their wing ensuring they were well fed, safe and well. These ducking’s soon grew and started venturing over the road for their breakfast, often stopping traffic while they cross.

“I ended up on Duck Crossing duty one morning when it became clear that we needed some kind of warning signs” explains Cllr Sarah Keetley. “It took a few weeks, but we do now have two lovely large bright Duck Crossing signs which we hope will help to keep our feathered residents safe.”

“We are hoping to add a duck house on the new site, but as yet we’ve been unable to proceed until a management committee is formed and we can then approach them to hopefully get the ball rolling, which hopefully won’t be long.”