Dunholme Cosy Corner Celebrates Its First Birthday!

Last January, Dunholme Cosy Corner opened to provide a warm space within the community offering company and a natter, along with a warm drink and a biscuit.

“We started a 12-week trial of the Cosy Corner on the 9th January 2023” recalls Councillor Sarah Keetley. “After the news headlines of the cost of living crisis and high gas and electricity costs, we wanted to give our residents somewhere to keep warm and have a bit of company.”

The Jubilee Room at Dunholme Village Hall was turned into a warm space for the community with free activities for residents to enjoy two days a week for this trial period, and slowly the number of people attending grew. As well as warmth and company, books, games, jigsaws and access to Wi-Fi were also provided.

“After our 10th week we started asking people what they would like to see happen in the future once our 12 weeks was up” Sarah continues, “It was clear as soon as we said that we were nearing the end of the trial from the looks of disappointment before they’d said a word that the Cosy Corner was a much loved group in the community and therefore wasn’t going to end after the 12 weeks.”

The Cosy Corner is run by two Parish Councillors, Sarah and Chairman Tony Pache in their own time, meaning as the trial was extended indefinitely, it was decided to open on a Monday 11am-3pm excluding Bank Holidays.

“We are approaching our 1st birthday which we hope will be the first of many. We have recently had five new people join us which is fantastic, I love to see a new face come through the door!” beams Sarah. “Everyone who walks in is given a very warm welcome; they might walk in not knowing anyone in the room, but they leave having made friends and part of our little Cosy Corner family.”

Regular visitors come back to the Cosy Corner week after week no matter the weather, and a few have explained why they enjoy it so much: “The reason my husband and I come to the Cosy Corner is for the company and the friendships that we have made.” 

“We love coming to the Cosy Corner – new friends, good company and a right laugh and of course cakes, biscuits and coffee!” Liz and Cheryl

“Made new friends, plenty of hot chocolate and biscuits and best of all jovial atmosphere” Denis

“I have true friends here.”

The idea of the ‘Cosy Corner family’ is shown by the support they show each other; at the Christmas Market held in November, Sarah was expectedly in need of someone to run the refreshments stand. After asking the group, everyone soon pulled together to bake a supply of cakes, gingerbread people, flapjacks, mince pies, and served teas, coffees and squash to raise an impressive £137 towards the Cosy Corner funds in just three and a half hours. “I didn’t know many of the members before Cosy Corner, yet now I know I could call any of them up at any time and ask for help. It is just a fantastic group” Sarah concludes.

If you are interested in finding out more or visiting for yourself, you can email cosycorner@dunholme-pc.gov.uk or call 01673 895111 ext. 104