Five Mile House Railway Station Brought Back to Life

Fiskerton local of over 20 years, Sean Tyler, along with Lincoln District Model Railway Club, have been working on a model replica of Five Mile House Railway Station in Fiskerton for the last decade.

Five Mile House was a railway station on the Lincolnshire Loop Line which served the village of Fiskerton between 1848 and 1964, and as Exhibition Manager, Sean and the team have decided to showcase the layout to the village of Fiskerton before releasing it into the exhibition circuit to be displayed across the country.

“The research started about 10 years ago, and the build of the actual layout itself has taken around 4 and a half years” Sean explains. “We keep motivated just by the love of it, also you keep finding out new information from residents of the village and you think ‘oh, well now I’ve got to add all of that on too’!”

10 years ago, Lincoln District Model Railway Club decided it was time for a new layout, so Sean suggested making something local. There had been an influx in new members, so it was decided to make somewhere that was both simple but also offered the opportunity for members to really build up their skills during the process. The team decided to create the model of Five Mile House Railway Station as it would have been during 1938, as this was a time where it was thriving with passengers.

Through the intensive research carried out by the dedicated team, the project has brought the community together to share stories and knowledge of the station with Sean; “We have had a lot of personal photos and stories shared with us about what residents remember, we even found the man who used to live on Five Mile Farm who now lives in Australia, so it really is bringing a lot of people together.”

Stories shared include those who remember the Fishermen Specials; two trains a day at the weekend from Sheffield during fishing season full of fishermen who would visit the local stretch of river due to local fishing matches and world championships. There was also mention of when the Queen herself visited the village to open the local Police Station – these are stories that have been incorporated wherever possible into the model by Sean and his team.

The team have been careful about sharing too many photos of the layout, as they want to keep the excitement there for those who get the chance to see it up close in person for the very first time. If you’d like to visit yourself, it will be displayed alongside six other layouts at Fiskerton Village Hall on the 24th and 25th February from 10am until 3pm with an entry fee of £4 for adults and £1 for children.

If you are interested in finding out more about Lincoln District Model Railway Club, they meet on Thursdays at 7.30pm until late at Aisthorpe Village Hall – just come along and a member of the group will welcome you.