Future Soldier

University of Lincoln graduate, Ed Kirk, has released his first ever self-funded debut feature film which took four years to complete.

Shot across Lincolnshire for under £5,000, the film is set in a dystopian, cyberpunk future and follows bounty hunter Captain Mo Harrington who finds himself pulled into a sinister conspiracy.

Joining forces with an old friend, hardened ex-cop Xoey Cass, Harrington must race against time to stop dangerous new enemies from threatening the future of Supercity Europe. With the conspiracy unravelling, Harrington and Cass find themselves on a collision course with both The Matriarch, a ruthless crime lord, and the Phalanx Corporation, the militarised security force that polices the streets.  Caught in a dangerous web and haunted by ghosts from his previous life, Mo must confront his past as a genetically enhanced Hoplite super-soldier, as well as his own moral code.

“Future Soldier is an ambitious science fiction feature film made on a microbudget” explains writer and director Ed, “Having previously directed shorts, I wanted my debut feature to be sweeping in scale. Heavily inspired by cyberpunk action movies from the 80s and 90s, Future Soldier pays homage to films such as Johnny Mnemonic, Blade Runner and Timecop, striving to tell a compelling story set in an expansive, retro-futuristic, dystopian future.”

When writing and directing Future Soldier, Ed wanted to tell a story within the genre that entertains whilst avoiding parody, presenting characters and themes with a serious tone. “Our heroes are flawed. Questions about failing systems, corporate corruption and increased surveillance are as relevant as ever. I set out to make a film which treats its audience seriously, while building upon the genre’s tropes and motifs.”

Filmed over approximately 2 weeks, Future Soldier was mostly shot across Lincolnshire and locations included The Drill and County Assembly Rooms. “We ended up filming a big portion of the film in a couple of warehouses outside of Scunthorpe, with industrial machinery, makeshift sets and corrugated iron filling in the background for some major sequences. It was very rural, in the middle of winter and not very glamourous!”

“Future Soldier is a film made with love. I hope you are entertained watching it” Ed concludes.

Future Soldier was released on May 1st courtesy of Reel2Reel Films and is available to rent or buy on Amazon, iTunes and Google Play. You can follow Ed’s future projects via his Instagram @edstrikesagain or via his production company website www.acamasvideo.com