Have You Seen The Fiskerton Phantom?

Anyone living locally to Fiskerton knows that the village has come to the attention of national and international archaeologists throughout the last two centuries following discoveries of Iron Age artefacts buried in the fenland peat that surrounds the village.

An important discovery was a metre-long decorative shield discovered in the River Witham between Fiskerton and Washingborough, now known as ‘The Witham Shield’ which dates back to 2nd century BC and is in the British Museum. Another significant discovery was ‘The Fiskerton Log Boat’ which can be seen at the Collection Museum in Lincoln.

What new residents may not know, however, is the tale of the Fiskerton Phantom.

The Fiskerton Phantom is a cryptozoological phantom cat-like creature which was reportedly sighted near Fiskerton. The sighting was reported on August 27th, 1997, by four South Yorkshire girls (Rachel Rowan, 12; Nicki Handley, 11; Nicola Proctor, 9 and Joanna Brogan, 10) who were on holiday staying at a caravan park next to the Tyrwhitt Arms pub at Short Ferry, a small hamlet next to Fiskerton.

They described seeing a four-foot tall, jet-black, bear-like creature eating a pheasant. The girls, scared, fled immediately to seek help in the pub. They also reported finding large paw prints at the location when they returned later.

Dave Brumhead, the landlord of the Tyrwhitt Arms, reported that a motorist had claimed a sighting of the beast again that evening, near to where the girls had seen it. There were several further reports of a panther, or bear-like animal in the area throughout 1997.

Named locally as the Fiskerton Phantom, this creature formed the basis for a major character in The Secret Saturdays, an American animated television series created by cartoonist Jay Stephens for Cartoon Network, named Fiskerton Saturday (see image).

Although sightings of the Fiskerton Phantom have fizzled out over the years, this is just one of many alleged non-native big cat sightings that have occurred throughout the years across Lincolnshire, most of which are described as a large black cat-or-bear-like creature prowling the area.