Independent Cinema Returns to Lincoln

Indie-Lincs International Film Festival is back for its seventh annual outing in 2023. The festival will show independent films from across the globe at Lincoln Performing Arts centre on Thursday 23rd, Friday 24th and Saturday 25th February 2023. Indie-Lincs enables both filmmakers and members of the public to watch films made by independent filmmakers.

During the festival, audiences can enjoy a selection of high-quality documentary, drama, and animated films, both short and feature length. The festival also includes filmmaker Q&A’s, networking events and an awards ceremony.

The festival is run by local filmmaker, and the Lincoln School of Film and Media Senior Lecturer, Dr Mikey Murray, with a team of volunteer coordinators.

Mikey said: “At the heart of our festival is a love of quality, original, low-budget independent films. We want to show movies that can’t traditionally make it to mainstream cinema because they don’t have millions to spend on marketing, but make no mistake, these films are professionally made and have unique and engaging stories.”

Ben Reynolds, Senior Programmer said: “The Covid-19 pandemic has shown the importance of films and the arts. Watching films has brought comfort to many people through this incredibly difficult period. Never has it been a more important time to support emerging filmmakers and artists. The beauty of our festival is that audiences can chat freely and socialise with filmmakers in a relaxed atmosphere and discover the magic behind the films we show. Our festival is built on an open and friendly atmosphere for all.”

The festival is open to the general public. Day and weekend passes are available. Day tickets are £10 (£3 student) and an all-festival pass costs £18 (£5 student). Age restrictions apply. Call 01522 837600 or visit

To find out more about Indie-Lincs visit:

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Mikey Murray

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Image: Milk (UK) Drama short about a single mother attempting to come to terms with having a suicidal child.