It’s Finally Showtime for Lincoln Based Theatre School!

Sarah Jane Honeywell, former West End and CBeebies star, opened her Theatre school Curious Theatre, in September 2019. To ensure students living in Lincoln could get an experience of the acting industry, Sarah explained that “I just wanted to do something that meant children could enjoy the arts and get all the opportunities.” Sarah lived in London whilst working as a performer in the West End, starring in Cats but then moved to Lincoln as her parents lived local. She explained “I didn’t want to bring my two boys up in London, and I realised I didn’t want to go off all the time working, so I thought I’d set up a theatre school!” Sarah’s inspiration for opening her own theatre school was due to the missed opportunities she had when she was younger. “I was taught by an amazing dance, singing and acting teacher, but none of them had worked in the industry, so they couldn’t tell me exactly what route to go on, so I missed lots of opportunities because of that.” So, with the knowledge and experience Sarah has gained throughout the years, she opened Curious Theatre with the idea of “bringing a bit of London to Lincoln.”

With having only opened in 2019, getting a new studio in 2020, lockdown hitting not much later, and the period of uncertainty, it is only now that the students finally get the chance to put on a show – a celebration for all that they’ve done over that time. It will be showcasing at the Lincoln Performing Arts Centre on the 23rd April to friends and families, “Rehearsals are going really well,” Sarah mentioned, “and I think it’s really nice that the students have got something to work towards now.” Because of pupils missing out on these last couple of years, “It’s the first time the parents get to see all that we’ve done, so it’s really just a cabaret. It’s a chance for everyone to show off what they’ve achieved.” Putting on a show like this is really enjoyable for everyone, but it’s also been tough for Sarah and singing teacher Bobbie. They have had to learn to make difficult decisions to ensure the show is not only the best it can be, but also that as many students as possible get a chance to perform what they have learnt. “One difficult thing is weighing up who’s ready and won’t crumble, who’s not got as much as others and who’s leaving soon.”

Although the students haven’t had the chance to put on a show up until this month, they have performed at the Lincoln Christmas Light Switch on and a couple of weeks later students did a charity event at NK One in North Hykeham, these have been some fantastic opportunities Curious have given students already. But how is Curious different to other theatre schools? “I think we’re different because we are still connected to the industry, we’ve got a London agent that tries to look after all the students. Covid obviously haltered that a bit but now it seems to be growing and we are getting more and more castings.” Even through the pandemic, Sarah still managed to give her students as many opportunities as she could, with having actors like John Partridge join their zoom calls. Later on, out of lockdown, John could finally visit and hold a workshop at the school, giving students even more of an insight to the acting and film industry.

Although everyone at Curious is looking forward to finally performing their first ever show, Sarah already has even more exciting plans for the future. “Hopefully we are moving to a new premises, with that I hope to become even more of a community company and make the arts more accessible in Lincoln for everybody and create a space where everyone wants to sing, dance and act.” Another project Sarah has in the works is to offer students a chance to perform in a play in the summer. She hopes this will give an opportunity for those who prefer drama over dance to act in a show that isn’t musical theatre. “I also would really like to do something for Christmas,” Sarah adds, “because I think it would be a really nice end to the year, especially after the pandemic.”

The future is bright for Curious Theatre, and they still have limited spaces available in the following classes:

Wednesday 4:30-7:30pm (age 7 to 11)

Friday 5:30-8:30pm (age 11 and over)

Saturday 10am-1pm (reception to year 3)

If your child wants to get involved, or you have any questions, then you can contact Sarah on 07976 733877 or

Matilda Bennett