Let The Record Play!

AA Record Fairs Return to Lincoln’s Engine Shed

The Lincoln Record Fair, hosted by AA Record Fairs, is a major event for the city, bringing over 40 national record dealers into one room.

One half of AA Record Fairs, Adrian Wells, was born and raised in Lincoln. Having lived in Sheffield since the age of 20 selling vinyl records independently, he noticed these events were largely dominated by older sellers and buyers.

“There were never any young people, and it was mostly men” Adrian recalls, “so Andrew and I started to think we could do better. The industry was moving on and had a completely different customer base from what it used to be, so we wanted to follow that.”

“Instead of organising small events for a few people, we decided to start looking at shopping centres, outdoor markets and places the general public could see us. We get all types of customers now including groups of young people; students are really interested in vinyl and have made a difference to the industry in the last few years.” The revival in the popularity of vinyl has welcomed a whole new generation and demographic, with events ran by the likes of AA Record Fairs making it accessible to all.

AA Record Fairs return to Lincoln four times a year, the first for 2023 taking place in February. The next date will be Sunday 16th April, with the following two fairs taking place on Sunday 19th October and Saturday 16th December.

Despite the wide use of streaming services, the popularity in events such as these prove that the desire to own physical copies has not died like many feared it would. “Buying a vinyl record is more than just the music” Adrian explains, “You get a piece of art you can have in your house; you can put it up on your wall or in a frame… there is nothing else you can buy for £20 that allows you to listen to music and have a wonderful piece of art as well.”

These events also help increase the footfall in Lincoln, benefitting other independent shops across the city centre. “At the last event we had just under 600 visitors who will often then go further into the city” says Adrian, “instead of fighting against each other, many of the independent shops in town put posters up for us and show us support. Even the music industry is very supportive with HMV putting up posters for us each time we visit.”

From dance to punk to heavy metal to soul, the scope of genres available at the fair is vast, with one seller even exclusively selling Japanese imports. With up to a hundred tables to explore, it is not to be missed for any vinyl fan in search of vinyl records, CDs, cassettes, pop art photos and memorabilia.

Lincoln Record Fair will take place between 9:30am and 2:30pm at The Engine Shed on 16th April, 19th October and 16th December. To find out more search AA Record Fairs on Facebook.