Local Coffee Shop Owner Raises Lifechanging Amount for Young Minds Charity

Tracey Simpson, owner of Coffee Culture at North Hykeham, raised over £800 through a raffle for Young Minds; a charity dedicated to supporting young people’s mental health and prevent suicide.

This raffle, which took place at the end of last year, was held in memory of Richard and Lisa Barlow’s son, Dylan, who sadly took his own life in January 2022 at the age of 19. Lisa has worked at the coffee shop and has been friends with owner Tracey for the last 12 years, meaning her support has been invaluable to the entire family.

Coffee Culture host an annual Santa Day at the end of each year as a chance for the big man himself to visit the coffee shop whilst collecting money for various charities and good causes. This started as a chance to fundraise for the children’s ward at Lincoln Hospital as Tracey’s own children were premature, but it has evolved over the years. “With the passing of Dylan early on in the year, I thought we should raise money for Young Minds in memory of him, so that is how the raffle started.” Tracey continues,“It started small and got bigger and bigger and obviously people were very generous because we ended up with over £800! I’m so pleased we could help them as a family and we were so lucky to get this amount, which hopefully will also help lots of other young people.” 

Young Minds offer support and advice to young people and their families regarding mental health, and they have become an important organisation within the Barlow’s lives. “They are one of two charities we have been supporting since Dylan passed because they do such important work.” Richard explains, “When Dylan took his life, we were looking for different charities to get involved in, and we looked at not just the support they give the individuals who are suffering, but also their families. On their website you can say whether you are a young person suffering yourself, or an adult or family member, there is support for the siblings as well.” 

A lifechanging call from Young Minds has been priced at approximately £5, meaning the amount raised will help around 160 young people make contact with the charity, potentially saving many young lives.

“Tracey has gone out of her way to do this and put so much effort in, she’s just been brilliant and a massive support throughout. When she told us she was going to do this in aid of Young Minds, we were blown away by it.” Richard continues, “We can’t really thank her enough. She’s amazing.”

You can find out more information on support for young people’s mental health by visiting www.youngminds.org.uk