Local Mental Health Charities Receive Over £150,000

Lifesaving funds are being donated to 26 local causes that provide mental health services to prevent suicide, thanks to Lincolnshire Co-op’s Community Champions scheme.

Lincolnshire Co-op colleagues organised fundraising activities, ranging from quizzes and bake sales, to events such as a bingo night and a sponsored walk.

A donation was made each time a member shopped with their dividend card, which amounted to an incredible £47,500, and customers were able to drop their change into collection boxes in outlets too – donating over £10,000 total.

As well as raising money, the campaign raised awareness of the important services available to those feeling suicidal or with ill mental health in Lincolnshire Co-op outlets, at events, and online.

Among the 26 local causes to receive funding is Lincolnshire Rural Support Network (LRSN), a volunteer-led organisation that provides pastoral and practical support to farming and rural communities.

Every year LRSN helps over 100 families in need of help with problems ranging from debt and tenancy to health problems.

To enable them to continue their vital work in local communities, they are receiving £33,163.

Amy Thomas, Head of Charity at Lincolnshire Rural Support Network, said: “The whole team are overwhelmed to receive such a fantastic amount from Lincolnshire Coop’s Community Champions scheme.”

“In farming and agriculture, it’s so important to talk about mental and emotional health. We work hard to share this message, and let people know that we are here to listen.”

“Unfortunately, there is a greater need for our services than ever before, and we are seeing a significant increase in the number of people reaching out to us for support.”

“So, on behalf of everyone at Lincolnshire Rural Support Network, thank you. Every penny will be put to good use, helping us to deliver emotional and mental health support as well as physical health screening for the farming and agricultural community across Lincolnshire.”

Lincolnshire Co-op held a presentation at The Bridge Church in Lincoln, to celebrate those who went the extra mile in fundraising, and to provide a networking opportunity between local good causes.

Danielle Budworth, Senior Community Co-ordinator at Lincolnshire Co-op, said: “We are thrilled to be able to donate such a large sum of money to causes providing suicide prevention and mental health services.

“We know that mental health can sometimes be a difficult point of conversation, so as well as raising money for these important services, we hope that we have opened the door for conversations within our communities too.”

We have supported groups that provide first response for anyone who may have suicidal thoughts and/or mental ill health all over our local area. Please find a list of all groups and amounts donated below:
A Platform To Talk – £1,594

Beam Café – £2,593

Bearded Fisherman – £10,967

Bro Pro UK – £4,982

CALM – £36,976

Lincolnshire Rural Support Network – £33,163

MenWalkTalk – £1,746

Night Light Café – Bourne – £1,149

Night Light Café – Gainsborough – £1,986

Night Light Café – Long Sutton – £3,024

Night Light Cafe – Louth – £2,542

Night Light Café – Mablethorpe – £2,981

Night Light Café – Spalding – £3,642

Night Light Café – Grantham – £1,234

Night Light Café’s Lincoln (Acts Trust) -£11,692

Renew Café – £1,541

Samaritans (Boston) – £3,871

Samaritans (Grantham) – £1,355

Samaritans (Hull) – £470

Samaritans (Lincoln) – £10,044

Samaritans (Scarborough) – £743

Samaritans (Scunthorpe) – £3,573

Shawmind -Breathe Café – £4,548

Team Talk – £2,463

Unlock Your You – £2,604

Andy’s Man’s Club – £1,656