Local Writer Publishes Fast-Moving Crime Thriller

Peter Warrilow, a resident of Cherry Willingham, has published his first novel The Drysdale Confession with a sequel due to be released later this year and a third already in the works.

The Drysdale Confession is a fast-moving crime thriller where lawyer Robert Vere learns the truth about an old crime and finds himself fighting not only for justice, but for his own life.

Peter spent his career working through the ranks of the motor trade, before finally establishing his own business management company providing specialist consultancy services to the accident repair industry.

Now, as a self-professed ‘armchair expert’, Peter spends his time walking, tackling DIY jobs, travelling abroad, reading and of course, writing.

“I’ve always enjoyed reading books, and like most conceited people, I thought ‘oh I can do that!’ and I tried, and it was a disaster!” Peter chuckles. “When you start to write you get excited and go along at a furious pace and assume everyone knows what you’re talking about.”

Whilst chatting to American author Jeffery Deaver at a book signing in Lincoln, Peter was told that Ernest Hemmingway once famously said ‘there are no good writers, only good rewriters’. This encouraged Peter to give it another go, and shortly after The Drysdale Confession was born. “The idea came while I was driving around the countryside on business; I was on autopilot and my brain wandered and the idea just came to me.”

Now knowing that the rewriting process is so important, Peter spent years practicing, refining, and rewriting. “I reached the stage where I was quite happy with it, and thought ‘hang on, there’s everything there for a sequel’ so I wrote another and rewrote that umpteen times until I was happy and knew it was time to find a publisher.”

The novels are published through Foreshore Publishing, a new independent UK Publisher of fiction from new and emerging authors, which was perfect for Peter. “They are very forward thinking and know what they are talking about. I sent across the first novel, and they said they could do something with it, so I sent across the sequel and when I met them face-to-face the first thing they asked was… ‘is there a third one?’” Peter fondly recalls.

The Drysdale Confession is available to purchase now from Waterstones, Foreshore Publishing or Foyles. The sequel The Far Reaches is due to be released towards the end of this year, with the third novel Beyond the Fear due to be finished next year.

If you would like to find out more about Peter or his work, you can visit www.peterwarrilow.co.uk