Nessies Dresses Boutique: “In Order To Dress To Impress, You Can Spend Less”

In 2008, Nessies Dresses was born by owner Vanessa Baxter. This established boutique of 13 years offers prom dresses, bridal wear and occasion wear. Not on the high street, they offer relaxed appointments and dedication to their customer’s needs. They are by appointment only, meaning all the attention will be on you helping you find the perfect dress.

Vanessa’s boutique specialises in prom dresses, and getting the perfect dress right is so important. “They want to look special because at the end of the day, each individual is special in their own right anyway, so why not feel special too? It is something you will never ever experience again – prom is a one-off experience.”

Nessies Dresses have an incredible policy which guarantees there will be no repeat designs in the same school, meaning each student will feel special on their big day. “I keep a log of what I have sold to each individual school so there won’t be a repeat of design because it is not fair – they are spending their precious money, so they deserve to feel unique. There are other agencies in Lincoln but my supplier from Grimsby will not supply to anybody within a 15-mile radius of me.” This means unless the students go out of the county to get their dress, they will not have the same dress as anyone else – something that cannot be guaranteed when shopping online or at chain stores.

They also offer the chance for a discount – if you are the first to buy from Nessies Dresses from your school, you will be given cards and for every student that comes in with one of those cards, you’ll get a discount.

When visiting this independent boutique, you can expect a relaxed environment where you can feel comfortable and at ease. By supporting local businesses, you are not only helping real people continue to do what they love, you can also expect complete commitment to you and finding what is right for you. Vanessa explains that she is also shopping locally herself, “My supplier is in Grimsby – so I’ve supported locally too. If you come in and say you like a dress, I can pop up to him and I’ve got it within a week rather than having to wait weeks and weeks for them. I’m supporting him and he’s supporting me and that’s the way we’ve always worked.”

The most expensive prom dress at the boutique is £325, but there are plenty in various price ranges including a sale rail. Vanessa will always support what is realistic for you and will ask discreetly how much your budget is so that she doesn’t show any dresses that are out of your price range. “In order to dress to impress, you can spend less because you don’t have to spend a fortune to look and feel good.”

As we make our way towards the end of the year and into a fresh one, we should try to be more conscious about shopping locally and helping our local community to continue to be a thriving space for businesses such as Nessies Dresses to flourish. You can visit to book your one-to-one appointment with Vanessa.