North Greetwell’s Little Litterpickers!

The village of North Greetwell is lucky enough to be the home of two new local heroes. Jonah Bell, aged 6, along with sister Pearl, aged 4, took to the streets in April to collect discarded litter and clean up the village.

Being keen on the environment and enjoying watching programmes on nature, these youngsters know how important it is to look after our planet. Whilst picking up the litter, Pearl could be heard saying “these people are naughty!” – a statement we can all agree on.

“Both my husband and I work for local churches” mum Coral explains, “I work for St Johns on the Ermine and Jonny is at St Georges Swallowbeck. On the Saturday in between Good Friday and Easter Sunday is a little-known day called Silent or Holy Saturday – traditionally this is when you would clean the church in order to prepare for the celebrations the next day.”

Coral continues, “There isn’t a church in our village, so therefore the children recognised that actually, all of our surroundings could be a church!”

By asking for help with equipment on the North Greetwell Facebook page, they found assistance in the form of Sarah Bates who supplied the pair with litterpickers, high vis jackets and bin bags.

With mum and dad in tow carrying the bags, they managed to collect two full bin bags worth of rubbish and help make a positive impact on the village.

Jonah and Pearl are eager to return to litterpicking, so Coral and Jonny are looking at a date in the May half term so other families can join in too – keep an eye on the Facebook group for information on this.

Are you inspired by North Greetwell’s little litterpickers? Why not organise a litterpick in your local area, or next time you are out and about aim to pick up at least five pieces of litter – every little helps!