North Hykeham Singer-Songwriter Releases Debut Album

Singer-songwriter, vocal coach and artist Evie Balfe was born and raised in North Hykeham, attending North Kesteven Academy – the place where her passion for performance and creativity began to flourish.

“I’d always wanted to do something creative” Evie recalls, “I was very much into dance and drama when I was younger, and NK were so great at encouraging the arts. It was actually a drama teacher there that encouraged me to audition to drama school and move down to London in the first place.”

Now living in London, Evie has been on a journey of self-discovery. She first started at Mount View Academy studying musical theatre, but quickly realised it wasn’t for her. Having lost her direction, Evie did a lot of soul searching within the creative industries, even enrolling in a screenwriting course. This also wasn’t a fit, however it was where she met her boyfriend James Albarn, who supported her journey into the music industry. “He encouraged me to apply for the British and Irish Modern Music Institute where I ended up getting my music degree, so he was the one to encourage me to go for it at a time I didn’t have the confidence.”

Evie’s debut album Do I Feel Like I’m Happy Now? was released in December 2022, and details her journey of self-discovery and self-reflection. The album was created from songs written before the lockdowns, but with no experience in producing, she was unsure how to move forward. “I didn’t know what to do with them!” Evie admits,“James is a video editor, so he had transferrable skills. He had dabbled in making his own music, so he offered to give producing the album a go and we spent the lockdowns creating music together.” Evie explains they were both pleasantly surprised and worked well together. “He turned my music into something I’d have never even envisaged. When I write them on a piano, I only visualise piano ballads, so to have them turned into these electronic synth-pop songs ended up working really well.”

A large part of Evie’s music journey is networking and putting herself out there. Unfortunately, the music industry is still very much a place where the importance of who you know is immense, so reaching out for opportunities is very important. “A lot of the jobs I have got have been through people I’ve met in the industry. For example, I auditioned for a choir, and it turned out a member was a YouTuber and got me session work with the YouTube group The Sidemen – so because I put myself out there and joined the choir, an opportunity came from that. Just because you don’t necessarily know someone now, doesn’t mean you can’t.” Evie has also previously worked at a theatre in Leicester Square as well as at a Record Store, making sure she is never too far from fellow creatives.

Alongside music, Evie also has a passion for art and recently held her first exhibition. After unfortunately contracting Covid at the start of the pandemic, Evie struggled with her breathing and as a result couldn’t sing for a few months. Desperate for a creative outlet, she revisited painting and drawing, something she hadn’t done since she was in education. “I never thought about pursuing it until my friends told me how good it was and that I should sell my art, so that is how it all started!” 

After delving back into the world of art, Evie quickly decided she’d like to host an exhibition but had no knowledge of how to do so. Thankfully, networking paid off once again and Evie messaged a WhatsApp group she had joined during lockdown full of hundreds of female creatives across London. “The response was insane! I ended up collaborating with artists from that group and having people come and model for me in the studio. It was such a nice collaborative effort and definitely something I want to continue to pursue.” 

Looking forward, Evie will push onward with her music and art journey and has recently left one of her jobs to dedicate more time to her craft. As well as a lot of writing, painting and marketing herself in the future, Evie has remixes of her album tracks in the works which are due to be released this year as well as a plan to start streaming on Twitch to engage directly with her fans.

To keep up with Evie’s journey you can visit her website or find her on Instagram and Spotify.