Removing The Stigma Of Mental Health With Unmasked

In March last year, Lincoln City Foundation pledged to support male mental health by launching Team Talk. Team Talk supports men across Lincolnshire with peer-to-peer support sessions on a Monday evening, delivered by Andy’s Man Club, and football sessions allowing men to find their release through physical activity.

Since the launch in 2021, they have supported 119 men with their mental health and counting.

This March they are preparing to launch a brand-new session in their Team Talk programme to reach and support even more people. Partnering with Unmasked Mental Health, they will be delivering a peer-to-peer support hub every Thursday evening from 7–9pm at the LNER Stadium. The Unmasked Mental Health hub welcomes both men and women aged 16+.

Unmasked Mental Health Support Groups are for anyone who is experiencing emotional distress. People are free to talk about their own mental health – or not; the support group gives space to make that choice. The groups are informal and relaxed and are peer support groups (meaning people get support from each other), not therapy groups, although, for some, they may have a therapeutic benefit. All groups are led by a facilitator or co-facilitators whose role is to encourage the group to develop and flourish in a safe, non-judgmental and inclusive way.

Doug Dennison, Founder of Unmasked Mental Health, said Lincoln City Foundation and Unmasked Mental Health are committed to making a difference to mental health in Lincolnshire.

We are proud to be able to partner with another professional and likeminded organisation to provide the support desperately needed to women and men across our county and to the people of Lincoln.”

Lincoln City Foundation remains committed to making a difference to mental health in Lincolnshire and are proud to be able to partner with another professional organisation to provide quality care to the people of Lincoln who need it. Adding an additional hub will support men who may not be able to make the Monday session, or those that want additional weekly support. They are also pleased that the Unmasked Mental Health sessions enable women to access support, making their offering fully inclusive.

Alice Carter, Head of Healthier Communities, commented “Supporting individuals to improve their mental wellbeing is a key part of our mission at the Foundation and we are proud to collaborate with Unmasked Mental Health to provide a safe space for men and women to access peer support. This complements our existing Team Talk programme and strengthens our commitment to break down barriers which prevent people from asking for help.”

To find out more about the Team Talk Programme visit Passionate about mental health support? Sign up to support the Team Talk project with one of their fundraising events. Run the Lincoln City Half Marathon or take A Walk In The Park For Male Mental Health and help make a difference in Lincolnshire. Visit for more information.