Santa Returns to Local Villages for Fourth Year

Josh Trevor, along with his father Steve, came together in 2019 to organise their own Christmas Parade in which Santa is driven through the local streets on his sleigh to greet excited children in preparation for the big day.

North Lincoln Firefighters used to visit Cherry Willingham, however they announced Santa would no longer be visiting the village with them due to a noise complaint by a local resident back in 2017.

Determined to not let the children miss out, local residents got together to organise their own parade. “It wasn’t my idea originally” admits organiser Josh, “someone from the village had said on Facebook that the community should do their own, so I offered my help but I didn’t hear anything back, so I managed to persuade my Dad to help me out and it went from there!”

After taking matters into his own hands, the community soon joined together to ensure this parade could go ahead. “It kind of exploded really, I was not expecting it to be as big as it was.” says Josh. The idea was originally to have the parade just in Cherry Willingham, but due to the vast number of people who came together from Fiskerton and Reepham, they decided to do the event for the whole weekend and include all three villages.

Steve, Josh’s father, works at Lincoln College and asked them to lend a helping hand. Throughout the years they have been fantastic in supporting the event, including creating Santa’s sleigh as well as a reindeer last year.

Over the years the parade has raised around £6,000 for local charities including Lincs & Notts Air Ambulance as well as The Teenage Cancer Trust in memory of a young girl from Cherry Willingham. “Obviously with covid and me being a scout leader, I know how much scout groups have struggled so last year we also made two big donations to Cherry and Reepham Scout Group and to Fiskerton Scout Group.” Josh explains, “All the money we raise stays local which I also think is a big benefit, because the community themselves can see exactly where it is going, and we are always open with where it goes.”

It is no small task to organise events such as these, and Josh and his helpers must start planning as early as July. This year, they hope to complete a new route enabling them to get to more areas of the villages. “It is just nice to see all the villages come together for Christmas, because as a kid in Cherry I don’t remember anything like this before. Obviously, there was the singing around the Christmas Tree, but that always felt like it was for the older people in the village.” Josh recalls.

It isn’t just the money raised that the community pitch in with, in the first year the idea arose that people could donate chocolate selection boxes so that Santa could hand them out to the children while visiting. Last year, this generosity resulted in over 1000 boxes collected, “I’ve never seen so many selection boxes to be honest!” Josh chuckles, “I wasn’t expecting as many as we got and they just kept coming, I would come home from work and find more on the doorstep, they were everywhere!”

This local event has even inspired others across the country to create their own parades, with a couple who are friends of Josh and Steve organising their own Christmas Parade out Manchester way to utilise old military vehicles they own.

This year’s parade will be the last weekend before Christmas, on Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th of December. You can visit the Fiskerton Facebook page to find out more details.