Scothern Sewcial

In November, Scothern resident Emma Matthews decided to create a local ‘sewcial’ – a place for fellow sewers to gather together, bring a project they are working on along with their sewing machine and tools, and turn what is traditionally a solitary hobby into a chance to meet likeminded individuals and build a creative community.

Emma Matthews

Emma previously worked as a Marie Curie nurse working nights, however after having her first son, she decided she couldn’t work nights and raise a family, so she became a stay-at-home mum. Through working at Marie Curie, I noticed that people who were in my care seemed to deteriorate quicker than others who were more focused on something. I realised the importance of keeping my mind active, so I decided I needed a hobby and something else to do other than being a mum!” Emma recalls

After starting her sewing journey in 2016, Emma wanted to find others who shared her newfound passion. “I saw there was a big sewing community on Instagram and YouTube where people shared what they’re making, what fabrics they’re getting and so on, so I searched for local sewcials but they were all down south. I really wanted to go to one, so I thought why not do my own?!”

After getting in touch with Scothern Village Hall, it was agreed Emma would run monthly sewcials with proceeds going to Spirit of Scothern; a group whose purpose is to enrich the community spirit and keep Scothern alive socially, as well as fundraise and organise the refurbishment of the village hall.

There has been a significant resurgence in the popularity of crafting, subsequently increasing the desire for these creative groups. People of all ages, in particular younger generations who historically may have overlooked such hobbies, are turning to making their own items. The resurgence could be explained to the extra time people had during lockdowns to try new things, or even the increased desire to turn away from mass-produced items and focus more on handmade sustainable pieces.

“There is quite a big group of us, so there is always someone there to give advice as we all get stuck at times” says Emma. “We have people from all sorts of backgrounds such as nurses, teachers and police officers. It is a great way to reduce stress and take your mind off things, plus it is such a lovely feeling when you’ve made something and someone says they like it, it gives you such pride!” There has been interest from fellow crafters who embroider or even crochet, and Emma says everyone’s welcome if they don’t mind the noise of sewing machines.

The group has a relaxed atmosphere, and as well as offering a chance to sew alongside others, there is also access to resources such as a cutting table, iron and ironing board, and a dedicated break area is set up away from the machines. There’s tea, coffee and much to the group’s delight, Emma brings along a different cake every month.

The next Scothern Sewcial will be on Sunday 5th May at Scothern Village Hall from 10am-4pm. To secure a place (£10pp), email