SPOTacular Fundraising for Almost a Century

The BBC Children in Need Appeal Show will take place once again on Friday 17th November, however, their work continues all year round to give every child the childhood they deserve.

BBC Children in Need funds grassroots organisations, project workers and thousands of charities in every corner of the UK that support children and young people to feel and be safer, have improved mental health and wellbeing, form better, more positive relationships and be given more equal opportunities to flourish.

The Children in Need Appeal Show as we know it was born in 1980, presented by Terry Wogan, Sue Lawley and Esther Rantzen and it dramatically increased public donations, resulting in an impressive £1 million raised in the first show.

The very first Appeal, however, actually took place back in 1927 on Christmas Day, where the first BBC radio broadcast Appeal was aired raising more than £1,300 (around £70,000 in today’s money) for four children’s charities in the UK.

The first television Appeal took place in 1955 with the ‘Children’s Hour’ Christmas Appeal presented by Sooty and Harry Corbett – both the TV and radio Appeals continued until 1979, with the modern Children in Need Appeal taking over the following year.

The now famous Pudsey Bear didn’t make his first appearance on BBC Children in Need until 1985 where he was a brown, cuddly mascot. The following year Pudsey Bear returned as the official logo with some updates to his design to look more like the bear we all recognise today, including the iconic spotted bandana covering one eye which is still used in all their branding today.

In 2018 Children in Need officially raised a total of £1 billion to support children and young people across the UK since 1980 and continue to raise staggering amounts of money each year to directly improve the lives of children across the UK.