Sudbrooke Local Creates Brand New Silent Book Club

Nina Jordan moved to Sudbrooke just over a year ago with her partner after previously living in London for 13 years in search of village life.

Nina works for an advertising agency, but in her spare time she has a strong passion for books and has her own ‘booksagram’ with thousands of followers – an Instagram where she shares her current reads and book reviews with fellow book lovers. Despite having a strong community online, Nina wanted to be able to share her passion with likeminded people within the city, and so decided to set up Silent Book Club Lincoln.

“I am definitely more of an introvert” Nina explains, “I think with traditional book clubs there is a lot of pressure and structure, and they tend to be for people who are outgoing. You are putting yourself into a situation where you are told what to read and you have the pressure to come up with something smart to say – I think reading should be about escapism, or at least it is with what I read, and should be a relaxing and enjoyable experience.” With this in mind, Nina wanted to create a space with no rigid structure where people can read whatever book they want, in whatever format they want (kindles and audiobooks welcome) and without the pressure of having to take part in discussions, should they not wish to.

Nina also wanted to remove any pressure for people who may struggle to read. “There are so many people that enjoy books but don’t find it as easy to read as others. There are also so many people who live with dyslexia or ADHD so they would struggle to focus in a traditional book club. This way you have an hour or more of space where you can sit down, surrounded by people who enjoy books and just relax.”

“So many events are focused on extroverts, for example those that enjoy having a drink, and I think that introverts do get a little bit missed out.” Nina continues, “people assume all you want to do is be at home, but it’s not true, you just don’t want to constantly have the pressure to answer questions or be forced to socialise, but it doesn’t mean you don’t want to be surrounded by people who are similar to you and make you feel comfortable.” Silent Book Club Lincoln is a space intended to have a calming, friendly atmosphere where you can socialise as little or as much as you’d like. Nina has had a quite a few men get in touch too, as local book clubs are often unintentionally female orientated, and Nina wants the group to be open to all.

The first session was on Sunday 24th March at Nettleham Hub, however Nina is intending the second meet up to be located in the city during an evening in the week, offering the chance for people finishing their working day to have a relaxing few hours before returning home. “I’d like to host the club at a variety of locations, so rather than just being tied to one venue, this way we can support multiple businesses across the city!”

You can find out more and stay up to date with Silent Book Club Lincoln by following @silentbookclublincoln on Instagram or joining the private group Silent Book Club Lincoln on Facebook. You can also follow Nina’s bookstagram by following @withinthereadingnook on Instagram.