Sudbrooke’s Splash of Colour

It feels like this summer has been a slight disappointment to many, with extremely poor weather threatening to dampen our spirits. Despite this, Sudbrooke has been lit up by a splash of bright colourful flowers around the village, lifting the mood for the whole community. Those fortunate enough to live on the Parklands estate have been treated to a festival of colour each time they pass Main Drive.

Supported by a grant from Sudbrooke Parish Council, Councillor Paul Fido has nurtured hundreds of plants that have subsequently been planted out in those otherwise barren areas of Parish Council land around Sudbrooke.

“The border along Main Drive into Parklands sees a wonderful display of Californian Poppies, Verbena, Dianthus, Geraniums, Rudbeckia, Leucanthemum, Achillea, over 100 Dahlias, Calendula and a host of wildflowers all in their summer beauty.” Paul explains.

“Planning began back in January when the young plants were potted up as seedlings and nurtured until April when the end of the frosts allowed the plants to be located. With some locally procured manure being liberally applied last autumn and dug in during March and April, the foundations were set for a splendid display. The flowers have indeed not disappointed, bringing a wave of colour to the village. Other flowers were also planted along the ditch by the Millenium Stone, between Holme Drive and Scothern Lane and beside the bench at the Park Gates on Wragby Road.”

Small acts can often make a big difference, and Paul’s gardening has had a substantial positive impact on fellow residents. The gorgeous display is just a small part of what has been achieved – it is about putting the heart back into the community and encouraging residents to take pride in where they live whilst putting a smile on faces, and there has been plenty of praise both in person and online.

Often seen out with his watering can on the warm evenings, the Councillor’s love of gardening is evident for all to see. Even better than last year’s display, the bar has been set even higher this year, with plans to expand those areas already in bloom with more displays for the benefit of the village residents in future.