The 9-Year-Old Dedicated To Helping Others

Anton, who lives in Nettleham, is a 9 year old who knows how important it is to look after others. Since the age of 5, he has been dedicated to helping those in need.

“We were at Peterborough train station when Anton was 5 and he noticed for the first time that people were homeless” mum Alex explains, “he asked me why the gentleman was sat outside with a sleeping bag, so we had the conversation that not everyone is as fortunate as others and that some people lose their jobs and homes. I also explained that anyone can end up homeless, so you don’t treat anyone different because of it.”

After learning this, Anton proceeded to ask if he could buy him a coffee out of his pocket money; that was the start of his mission to help others and has been doing so ever since.

At the end of last year, Anton and his mum took to social media to ask local villagers if anyone would donate selection boxes for The Nomads Trust and YMCA to bring a bit of joy to those less fortunate during the festive period. This collection ended up being the most successful they have had yet, resulting in four cars full of donations.

When they visited YMCA to drop off the donations, Anton was finally old enough to look around the place he has been supporting for the last four years. “They showed me the bedrooms and the garden!” he explains.

Anton has also received a letter from them too, thanking him for all his hard work. “When we dropped off the selection boxes, the receptionist said ‘he’s done this before hasn’t he? I recognise him, he gets taller every year!’ so I said yes, and she asked if he has ever had a thank you and I explained that isn’t why he does it but that he hadn’t received a thanks before. We ended up having the chief executive of YMCA Lincolnshire acknowledging him which was really nice actually!” says Alex.

Anton also helps distribute Nettleham Matters, is involved in cubs, during lockdown he delivered jam, cream and scones as part of the Covid volunteer scheme and made up a song on his harmonica for VE Day to celebrate with the community. He has even helped Reverend Judy with the Remembrance Sunday service and also regularly collects donations, including chocolate eggs at Easter, for those less fortunate.

“It’s important to help others because it’s a nice thing to do” explains Anton. “The motto I bring him up on is you don’t look down on someone unless you’re helping them up, and he’s really starting to understand what that means now” adds Alex. By teaching these values of empathy and compassion to our youngsters, we are ensuring the next generation are as kind and considerate as possible, in turn creating a nicer place for us all to live.