The Handmade Clothing Company Saying No To Fakery And Yes To Transparency

Jessica Purdie, founder and creative director of Prikli Pear, moved to Sudbrooke to start up her independent clothing business with one aim – to shy away from the world of fakery and manifest true messages for customers. Offering local alteration services for all of the family, as well as handmade clothes that hold personality, the back story of each piece is detailed by providing customers with information about who made the clothes, who designed them, how long it took to make them and the place of manufacture.

Born and raised in Highland Perthshire, and having studied Fashion Design at Bath Spa University, Jess started her career in London within the fast-paced world of PR. For a bubbly down-to-earth country bumpkin, she realised that the city was consumed by people trying to be someone that they aren’t, and that the industry she was working in wasn’t as transparent as it seemed on paper. Priding herself on being her true form in all situations, professional or personal, Jess soon realised living in the big smoke was not for her.

“I feel like I was in London purely because my head told me I had to be there” explains Jess, “so when I decided to move to Lincolnshire to be with my mum, I was definitely following my heart.”

It was in Sudbrooke in September 2021 that Jess went full-time with Prikli Pear to supply clothing that doesn’t lie to the consumer and displays all vital information of the manufacturing process. Her aims are to display all fine details including which farmer supplied the wool, even down to the sheep that was chosen for the yarn. The name came from a nickname given to Jess during her early education, a ‘Prikli Pear’ being someone who may come across as a little feisty. This personality of being bold, graphic, colourful and honest has permeated through the designs of statement prints, knits and embroidered pieces.

Jess also hosts regular workshops and networking events through Prikli Pear, with an aim to be not just a brand that offers products, but one that is integrated and has a presence within the community. “I am a real people person so I would feel really isolated by just having an online business.” says Jess, “When I launched the alterations part of the business as a local service, I had people saying that they can’t quite afford it but that they’d love to learn how to make or fix their own clothes, so I thought I’ll host some workshops and it started from there!”

Her female creative networking group, named very tongue-in-cheek as Stitch & B*tch, has nearly 100 members and is a safe space to bring together likeminded women to meet once a month and work on any creative project they have ongoing. “I really love bringing people together and I felt like the community aspect was really missing from my business, so I started the group as a way of bringing people together away from the online world.”

The group is hosted via a private Facebook group that you can request to join. They meet the first Wednesday of the month but there are currently only 15 spaces at each meeting which takes place at Craftea Café in Lincoln, so booking in good time is advised. It is a space to chat, grab a drink and snacks and work on any creative project you have, “whether you get anything done or not is another question, because I never do once I get chatting!” Jess chuckles.

Prikli Pear will be celebrating its 1st birthday in September and purchasing from an independent business like this rather than a large chain really does make a huge difference to the seller. Instead of your order going through a computer system, into a machine in a warehouse that drops a package into a box, a real human-being sees your order and gets to continue doing what they love. “Every time I get an order through, I run downstairs and shout ‘Mum! I’ve got an order!” Jess beams. By shopping locally and supporting individuals, you are helping to keep someone’s dream alive and have a real impact on their life.

The summer collection is now available, which Jess describes as a “a fruity picnic incorporating pastel spots, stripes and checks!” Commissions are also available and can be requested via the ‘contact’ page on their website. Jess is always on the lookout for local models and influencers and will be looking for more creatives to join the team very soon. If you are interested, be sure to follow along with the journey via social media. For more information and to check out the latest products, visit or search Prikli Pear on Facebook and Instagram.