The Hub of the Community

Thousands of pounds have been spent on redecorating Scothern Village Hall to improve the look, feel, functionality and overall appeal of the hall for the community it serves.

This is all thanks to the trustees of Scothern Village Hall, who created a sub-committee in 2014 called Spirit of Scothern. The purpose of the group was twofold – to enrich the community spirit and keep Scothern alive socially, as well as organise the refurbishment of the village hall.

Steve Taylor, Chairman of Spirit of Scothern, explains “for quite a few years now we have been working on some reasonably ambitious plans, and these plans are still there and in three phrases.” As a subsection of phase one, there are plans to add a corridor onto the side of the building to provide separate access to the hall, but as always, the progress of this is subject to funding. In the meantime, the pragmatic solution was to improve the look of the village hall. “It is still a work in progress” says Steve, “and there’s more aesthetic improvements on the way!”

There has also been a refresh to their website making it even more user-friendly, displaying upcoming events and details on how to book the village hall. They are currently working on adding information about regular users, such as the keep fit classes, drama group, Scouts and Brownies.The website also has an electronic ticketing facility, making it even easier to purchase tickets for their events.

As expected, the redecorating of the hall has taken a chunk of money from the funds, meaning the pot needs to be topped back up to go onward into the next phase. Going forward, the group are looking for anyone interested in helping them secure grants. Funding is the single most important thing to keep the plans for the village hall progressing, so they need some expertise as it is an area the current team lacks experience of.

Spirit of Scothern currently fundraise for the works through various events throughout the year, including Flix in the Stix, fashion shows, cheese and wine parties and more. “A village hall is the hub of the community” says Steve “and we want to put on events that appeal to everyone, so we have things like Brownies and Scouts through to events for older and middle-aged villagers. Given public transport is poor here, we need to provide for people who can’t go out and wouldn’t otherwise have access to activities and entertainment – that’s really important.”

If you have an interest that isn’t currently reflected in the events at Scothern Village Hall, get involved and make it happen! By organising events or meet ups with likeminded people who share similar interests, it helps to create further bonds within the community. “If you like living in a village then you need to help sustain it” Steve explains, “part of the village hall’s ethos and mission is to sustain the village community, meaning that people know each other, talk to each other and are good neighbours. That all starts by meeting and talking to people at things like village hall events.”

The next event will be their Flix in the Stix showing of ‘The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry’ on the 24th November, followed by the Festive Tea on Saturday 9th December, details of which will be on their website. To find out more about their events, or to get involved with fundraising and organising events, visit