The Importance of Encouraging Children to get Involved in Creative Writing

Children are constantly learning new things every day, whether it is experiencing brand new events, seeing objects for the first time or visiting new places. Through these experiences, they are learning new words which helps to build their vocabulary, broadening their curiosity and developing their creativity which can be built upon through creative writing.

Encouraging your child to be creative provides an incredibly positive impact on their confidence, and although there may sometimes be limits within the classroom, taking the steps to encourage our children to write outside the classroom can really help them bloom and find their individual voice.

Creative writing can help our children develop in many ways, including emotionally. By creating characters that must make decisions, handle different situations and witness difficult events, it helps to encourage the development of empathy by thinking about how the character would feel in that situation. Writing can also help a child express how they feel, and self-discovery and self-expression can be demonstrated through storytelling which is sometimes easier than talking.

Intellectual skills are of course developed through creative writing, and in a world dominated with Emojis and text-speak, creative writing ensures observing correct sentence structure, use of vocabulary and punctuation is practiced in a way that feels fun and not like their controlled classwork. By ensuring our children can communicate effectively and in an interesting way from a young age it means that they will already have building blocks which will benefit them in later life, both through their academic career and the world of work.

Creating a story is also a fantastic opportunity to practice important life skills, such as their ability to focus, dedication and commitment. By having to work out a cohesive plot that follows through the whole story peppered with twists and turns, creative writing is offering an opportunity to problem-solve, organise, use their imagination, develop opinions, and broaden their thought-process.

Celebrated here in the UK on June 23rd each year, National Writing Day marks the annual event to inspire young people across the nation to get writing. Led by First Story, a national literacy charity dedicated to changing lives through writing, their message is simple: everyone has a story to tell and sharing it can be a source of pleasure and power.

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