The New Club Hoping to Ignite Local Pottery Passion

A brand-new opportunity to learn the art of pottery in a fun, relaxing way is being offered at Welton and Dunholme Methodist Church and The HUB at Nettleham.

Christabelle Howie and Deanne Seaman created Lincoln Pottery Club at the end of 2023 with the intention of providing a warm, friendly space to learn all about pottery. Through the classes, the duo teach hand building, coiling, wheel throwing, decorating and glazing whilst keeping an emphasis on having fun with fellow beginners.

Pottery has been found to have huge therapeutic benefits such as improving confidence and self-esteem, encouraging sociability, improving focus, reducing stress, providing a creative outlet as well as encouraging learning new skills – these benefits and more are what Christabelle and Deanne are wanting to share with the local community.

Christabelle spent 25 years in global marketing and advertising. After surviving cancer, life brought her to Lincoln. Not knowing where to restart, she went back to art which was always a serious hobby. For 30 years her work was exhibited on and off in India and the Middle East, and finally she came across pottery and fell in love. Her work is all about combining nature, ceramics, paint and glaze and a whole lot of fun.

Deanne has been making pottery for almost 30 years. Starting as a hobby, she developed her skills through attending short courses with master potters, many years of practice in a small garage space, and then completing a Foundation Degree at Bedford University. For the last few years, she has developed her teaching skills through working part time at a studio near Horncastle. Her own work is based on functional wares, alongside vessels with a more artful narrative.

The duo wanted to bring pottery classes to the community to improve accessibility for residents, as it is often hard to find such places without heading into cities and even further afield. “After falling in love with pottery, I always found it hard to find a place I could learn more, and if there was one, it ended up being too expensive to sustain” Christabelle recalls. “So, we had the idea of bringing something therapeutic and beautiful to the community I live around, to bring people together to make friends and have the chance to learn something new!”

Lincoln Pottery Club started running classes at Nettleham at the end of last year with great success, allowing them to expand into another area. “It worked really well, and we had such a good response! We wanted to give everyone the chance to experience pottery and its benefits and are happy we can run another class.”

Classes have a very informal feel to them, and the relaxed atmosphere allows beginners to fully unwind and enjoy trying something new. Along with coffee and cookies, you can expect a group that support one another and plenty of fun. The course allows people to experience all forms of pottery, before finding their strongest skill and exploring that in more depth.

Classes will be taking place on Wednesdays 6pm-9pm at Welton and Dunholme Methodist church, and Fridays 1pm-3pm at The HUB Nettleham. To find out more or register for a class, call 07783531211 or email