The Service Making A Change For People Concerned About Their Behaviour In Relationships

Are you worried about how you’re treating someone you love?

Relationships can be challenging and make us feel vulnerable as being intimate with someone means getting close enough to get hurt. Emotions can run higher than with anyone else – we can get frustrated, feel jealous and worry when things aren’t going how we want them to. We can sometimes find ourselves in a cycle of behaving in ways which hurt or scare the people around us and make us feel bad about ourselves, too. But it’s never too late to Make a Change.

Make a Change is a service in Lincolnshire which works with people who are concerned that they might be hurting, scaring or controlling their partner, and who want to help to make it better.

The programme will cover topics such as: healthy relationships – understanding the links between our thoughts, feelings and behaviour – understanding arguments with loved ones – emotional resilience and self-care – managing stress.

The service is completely free of charge, tailored to each individual and free from judgement. There are one-to-one assessments, individual and group-work and support to make a positive change for you, your partner or ex-partner and children if you have any. The service is delivered in Lincolnshire by The Jenkins Centre and their integrated support for survivors is delivered by Soldas.

They offer:

  • Direct work with people who are concerned about their behaviour towards their partner and/or ex-partner, including a full 26-week programme.
  • Proactive support to the partners and ex-partners of people referred to the service.
  • Briefings and training for professionals who want to strengthen their response to domestic abuse.
  • Community outreach, including to the friends and family of people using abusive behaviour and/or accessing their services.

You can visit email call 01522 246616 or watch their latest video to see how they can help you by searching ‘Make a Change Lincolnshire Police’ on YouTube.