The Sudbrooke Salon Aiming to Eliminate its Carbon Footprint

Kokoo, a salon based in the heart of Sudbrooke, are experts in colour techniques, perming, nail and hair extensions.

As well as being at the top of the hair game for over 18 years and a member of the National Hair and Beauty Federation, they are also keen to minimise wastage from their salon, including hair cuttings.

As a result of this, Kokoo are part of a scheme which sees all their customers hair cuttings recycled into hair booms. 

As hair is naturally great at absorbing oil, this characteristic led to the concept of hair booms and hair mats by an American hairdresser back in 1989 named Phil McCroy. The idea was that hair could be used as a barrier to stop the spread of oil in the sea.

A hair boom is hair cuttings of any length or colour tightly packed into cotton or nylon tubes. When these tubes are placed either in the water or on the shore, they will stop oil from spreading, saving wildlife and the natural landscape. 

Owner and senior stylist (WELLA) Christine Cooke and her team; senior stylist Melissa Pelling (L’OREAL) and nail technician Steph Swaine, want to recycle as much as possible from this busy salon to practically eliminate its carbon footprint. Hair cuttings aren’t the only thing Kokoo recycle, “Massive amounts of used foil and empty tubes of professional colours are recycled, along with various types of used plastics. We also stock professional reusable paper foil replacements which are carefully washed, dried and reused.” Christine explains. “We offer a variety of complimentary tea and coffee, but make sure to use pods which are also fully recycled via the manufacturer. Best of all, every single strand of hair is recycled into all sorts of items. If it isn’t made into a hair boom, it will go into another item such as string or rope.”

The salon also uses vegan friendly products; Steph uses Calgel which is a gentle hard gel that can also be applied to the natural nail for colour and strength, is completely vegan friendly and has not been tested on animals. The salon also has their own range of shampoo and conditioners – all of which are cruelty free, sulphate free and have fully recyclable packaging.

If you’d like to find out more, you can find them on Facebook via Kokoo Unisex Salon or call 01522 751700. They are currently looking for another Level 3 member to join the team due to expansion, if this is something that you’d be interested in, get in touch via the details above.