The Welton Nana Documenting Her Adventures

Nikki Jane Woodcock, a resident of Welton for the last thirteen years, has recently bid farewell to her career in the NHS and welcomed a new venture of writing about her travels.

After retiring in 2019 after a long career as a nurse and manager, Nikki needed a new adventure in her life. After enjoying exploring with her two dogs Millie and Molly, and her growing number of grandchildren, she started to think of documenting her adventures.

“After retiring, everyone asked ‘what on earth are you going to do?’ because I’m not someone who can sit down and do nothing” Nikki explains, “I love and was brought up on walking holidays, but my husband hasn’t retired yet and doesn’t do walking (unless it’s on a golf course!), so I said you know what I’m going to go on dog walking holidays with the grandchildren and go exploring!”

Nikki had always had the idea to write a book, but a lack of confidence meant it always took a backseat. “As the grandchildren are getting older, I wanted to do something that they could keep to remember all of the places we’ve visited and the adventures we’ve had.” All the books in the Nana’s Adventure series focus on places they have visited together, with the first book exploring a cave they visited in Cornwall; to their delight, the grandchildren themselves star as characters in the books. The book was illustrated by a student from Lincoln College.

Alongside writing books, Nikki has also started a blog page called Nana’s Adventures. This will be a space to focus on her days out and trips, sharing the ups and downs in her quest to find good quality dog and child friendly accommodation, sightseeing spots and food places with a hope people can follow along and the information will help others to plan and enjoy their own holidays.

For many years, Nikki would only travel with her husband. As he is not retired yet and there are often places he has no interest in visiting, retirement meant Nikki decided to pluck up the courage to travel on her own. “It’s completely different from when I worked and everything was focused around the hospital and around him” Nikki recalls, “as I’ve retired, I’ve started doing things that I want to do; I recently went on a girl’s trip to New York and we had the most amazing time, but 5 years ago I would never have gone on a holiday without my husband! New York isn’t his kind of thing at all, but now my husband supports me to explore and travel to new places with different people or on my own and its great!”

Nikki plans on blogging consistently throughout her 2023 travels, which starts with a month-long trip to South Africa this month. She also has the goal of publishing two more books, with Roarless Rex available to purchase by Easter and another in the pipe lines; this time for her grandchildren who are slightly older. “They have moved onto chapter books, so I will write them one of those next. I guess as the grandchildren are growing, I’m trying to grow with them with my writing; it’s all for them.”

If you would like to follow along with Nikki’s adventures, you can find her via or by searching Nana’s Adventures on Facebook and Instagram.