Valentine’s Date Ideas That Won’t Break The Bank

Times are tough for us all, and sadly our pockets have had to shrink to reflect this. With Valentine’s Day around the corner, forget lavish gifts and expensive dinners out, you and your love can still have the best Valentine’s Day ever with these fun date night ideas that are free – or as close as possible to free – for you both to enjoy.

  1. Have a movie night together. Whether it is a movie marathon of a franchise such as Harry Potter, making time to watch that film you’ve both been meaning to watch, or even if you rewatch an old favourite – turn off those phones and spend time snuggled up on the sofa together (or in a den if you are creative enough!) with plenty of popcorn and enjoy your own private screening.
  2. Bake a cake or sweet treat together. Break out the baking goods and get messy together in the kitchen baking a dessert for you both to enjoy – don’t worry if you aren’t any good at baking… it will make it all the more fun!
  3. Play tourist for the day. If you’re like most of us, there are plenty of hidden gems within the city centre that we just don’t seem to get time to check out. Spend the day playing tourist and visit the spots that make our historic city so popular to visit.
  4. Go on a walk together. Whether it is just around your village or the city, or you go further afield, it is a nice way of switching off from the real-world and focusing on each other. Lincolnshire has plenty of beautiful places to offer, whether it’s a drive to Hubbard’s Hills or here at our own Arboretum or Hartsholme Park, spending time together in nature is good for the soul.
  5. Share a picnic. Whether it is at your favourite park, in your own garden or even on your living room floor, picnics are always a firm favourite and are a much cheaper way of making a meal feel a bit more special.