Viva La Rave: New ‘feel good vibe’ sober clubbing experience coming to Lincoln

Experience the ultimate good-vibe evening at Lincoln’s newest and most unique sober dance clubbing event for an electrifying night of rhythm and beats through a journey of house, rave, and lots more funky beats, curated by three exceptional local DJs.

Whether you’re looking for new ways to feel a natural bliss or if you’re a little sober-curious, this is the event to embrace the magic of dancing and still feel amazing the next day.

Viva La Rave has been created by Hannah, of Dance Free, and Jo from Mothership DJ collective who share a love of dancing and a passion for the joy, freedom and release it can bring. Hannah and Jo wanted to set up a night which provides a positive welcoming space to enjoy dancing and focus on the music, without the need for alcohol/substances.

Sober raving has become increasingly popular in recent years, with events cropping up all over the country. There are many different reasons why alcohol and substance free club nights are appealing to people who love a boogie including good health and wellness, or freedom from hangovers, and they can be for people who drink sometimes but just fancy a break.

When asked where this idea came from, Hannah said: “I’ve always loved dancing and clubbing; 10 years ago, I started on a journey of wellbeing and I searched for ways to recreate the thrill and buzz of raving while remaining sober. This inspired my journey across the world; experiencing places to dance with others and still feeling wild, free and blissfully connected to music without the alcohol. It has transformed my life and fuelled my passion to bring this kind of experience to my hometown, Lincoln.”

Jo told us her drives for creating this event: “I love to dance and go clubbing but I don’t always like the boozy culture that can go with it. I want to enjoy raving as much as possible whilst still feeling good the next day! I know from DJing that I can be sober and still enjoy the music and the buzz from dancing with a crowd of fellow ravers, so I wanted to set up a sober rave locally to encourage other people to try it in a welcoming, safe space.”

Viva La Rave takes place on the 20th January 2024, from 18:00 to 22:00 at Southside.

To find out more and book your ticket, visit Follow Hannah and Jo on social media @wedancefree and @mothershipdance where they’ll be releasing tips on sober clubbing.