Walking for Wellbeing

Walking is one of the easiest ways to get active – it is free, simple and will help you become healthier.

Not only is it a form of exercise that can help burn excess calories and help you build stamina, but it also helps with your wellbeing. Getting out of the grind of everyday life, taking a moment to get out and about while focusing on your footsteps and the sights around you helps to ground ourselves and calm our minds.

The easiest way to walk more is to build it into your daily routine; you can make it part of your journey to work, walking the kids to school, walking to the shops, having a regular walk with a friend, or even going for a stroll with your family after dinner.

To stay motivated you can listen to your favourite music or podcast to make the time go faster, be with a friend so you can be busy putting the world to rights or even join a walking group. Walking groups are a great way to learn about your local area and its wildlife, make new friends and boost your mental wellbeing, and there are plenty locally to get involved in.

Lincolnshire Co-op have more than 60 free, regular, volunteer-run health and wellbeing walks across Lincolnshire which follow the national Ramblers Walking for Health scheme. All the walks are free of charge and last between 30-90 minutes, and the routes all start and finish at the same location.

Each walk can be done at your own pace, and they are suitable for all abilities. Below are details of a just a few walks on offer:


  • North Hykeham: 10am – One NK Leisure Centre, Moor Lane, LN6 9AX
  • Uphill Lincoln: 10am – Castle Hill Club, Castle Square, LN1 3AA
  • Whisby Visually Impaired Walk: 10am (Alternate Mondays) – Whisby Nature Park, Natural World Centre, Moor Lane, LN6 9BW
  • Welton: 1pm – Black Bull Pub, Lincoln Road, LN2 3HZ


  • North Hykeham: 10am – North Hykeham Memorial Hall, Newark Road, LN6 9RY
  • Uphill Lincoln: 10:45am – Yarborough Leisure Centre, Riseholme Road, LN1 3SP
  • Nettleham: 1pm – The Community Hub, East Street, Nettleham, LN2 2SL


  • Boultham Sensory Stroll: 10am – Second Wednesday of every month, Boultham Park House Care Home, Rookery Lane, LN6 7PH
  • Hartsholme: 1pm – Hartsholme Park Café, Skellingthorpe Road, LN6 0EY


  • Boultham Park: 10am – main gate opposite the library, Boultham Park, LN6 5UT
  • Skellingthorpe: 11am – Community Centre Car Park, Lincoln Road, LN6 5UT
  • Cherry Willingham: 10am – Rosie Lea’s Café, The Parade, LN3 4JL
  • Nettleham Sensory Stroll: 12pm – First Thursday of every month, Nettleham Village Hall, Brookfield Avenue, LN2 2SS


  • Whisby: 10:30am – Whisby Nature Park, Natural World Centre, Moor Lane, LN6 9BW
  • Birchwood: 1pm – Active Nation Leisure Centre, Birchwood Avenue, LN6 0JE

There are many more walks on offer across Lincolnshire which can be found at www.lincolnshire.coop/community/health-walks, or you can call 01522 544632 or email healthwalks@lincolnshire.coop for more information.