Women’s Running Club Founded by Sudbrooke Local Wins Award

Pink Ladies is a running and strength club based in Lincoln who have been meeting as a club for 14 years. At the end of 2023, they won the Active Lincolnshire Active Club Award in recognition for the positive impact their club has on the health and wellbeing of the local community.

Kate Trollone

In 2010, Sudbrooke resident Kate Trollone decided to start the group as a relaxed, friendly environment that makes running a pleasurable social event that women look forward to. Having started running herself in 2006, Kate joined her local Women’s Running Network Group. Running became an integral part of her life, and after having three children she still finds time to run 3-4 times a week. 

Kate qualified as a UK Athletics Leader in Running Fitness in 2010, so it was the perfect time to set up the Pink Ladies. “Back in 2010 most groups were competitive athletics clubs which didn’t suit everyone, so I wanted to set up a more relaxed running group” Kate recalls. “The first session was before social media was a big thing, so I just put some posters up in the local shops and I remember going on that first night and thinking ‘oh my goodness, there might be nobody turning up’ but there were around 10 ladies who came and at the end of the session we said, ‘we should do this again’ and 14 years later it’s grown into something so much bigger… winning the award was the icing on the cake really!”

Since those 10 ladies joined Kate on their first run, more than 300 have proudly worn the Pink Ladies name. Since then, Kate has also qualified as a UK Athletics Running Coach and Pilates teacher, specialising in working with women of all ages and the differences in how they should train.  

Adding to the established running sessions, Kate expanded her skillset and started to offer strength training classes, as well as online videos for women with busy lives who can’t join the sessions in person. As interest in the group increased and the diversity of the women attending flourished, so did the support available to them. Classes on offer evolved to include pre and post-natal classes as well as ‘menopause strong’ classes. 

The running sessions are not simply going for a run either – they tend to stay in one location and focus on running technique along with short intervals. “If you’re starting out and a complete beginner, you can do run/walk, whereas if you’ve been running a while, you can do your intervals faster” Kate explains. “The sessions aren’t about going off for a run for an hour, we try and offer something different and will plan around your skill level.”

As well as the obvious health benefits the club offers, along with moral support and a chance to meet like-minded women, it also offers a sense of security. Many women know running alone, especially at night, can be daunting, so Pink Ladies combat that by sticking together during sessions as well as offering social runs with smaller groups who arrange to meet up and run together. “I did an interview with Greatest Hits Radio about women feeling unsafe out running at night, and you hear these horror stories” says Kate. “I know it’s a tiny percentage and the risk is so low, but that’s all it needs to be in your head to put you off, doesn’t it?” Kate explains that as well as the safety in numbers, running with others also simply makes running more enjoyable, when it often can be a solitary sport.

Kate currently runs two coached running club sessions on a Tuesday at 9.30am and 6.30pm, meeting in the Lincoln Waitrose car park. Also available are group strength training sessions, individual training and coaching sessions, as well as online strength sessions. The groups are suitable for all abilities welcoming beginners, those returning to running after a break, or those looking to improve their speed and technique.

To find out more, visit pinkladieslincoln.weebly.com or email pinkladiesrunningclub@aol.com