World Mental Health Day

On the 10th October 1992, the World Federation for Mental Health established World Mental Health Day. Observed each year, it aims to raise awareness in the global community about critical mental health agendas through collaboration with various partners to encourage action and create lasting change.

Over the years, the day has gained momentum resulting in governments, organisations and individuals developing and implementing initiatives focused on mental health care.

2023 is the 75th anniversary of World Federation of Mental Health, and for this World Mental Health Day the theme is ‘Mental Health is a Universal Right’.

Not only is the day a chance to drive positive change, but it also provides an opportunity to start conversations around mental health, how we need to look after it, and how important it is to get help if you are struggling.

Reducing social stigma and unifying our voices can create a more empathetic society, resulting in a future that appreciates the importance of mental health and provides access to help and tools for anyone needing support.

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Image Credit: Mental Health Foundation